An Interview with Adam Peterson
Issue 19 is just around the corner, but till then, we offer up this insightful interview conducted by Fiction Editor Joe Ransom with fiction writer Adam Peterson. "Revision is important to me, especially in my short shorts because I’m always whittling down the word count trying to get faster and better. But, for me, that usually doesn’t mean short Hemingway-y sentences but more nimble ones." Read the rest of their conversation here.
Happenstance by Robert Root and April Podcast
This week on Switchback check out a new review of Robert Root's Happenstance, written by our very own Morgan Vogel Chinnock: "What emerges from these fragments of memory and photo paper and postcards is the sense of a family in a particular historical time and place." Also be sure to listen to our latest podcast. Fiction Editor Joe Ransom reads and discusses "Shooting Star" by Tyler Sage. 
Craft Talk No. 1: Bruce Snider on the Sonnet
Introducing a new series of interviews, focused exclusively on craft, conducted by members of Switchback with the talented and accomplished faculty members of the University of San Francisco's MFA in Writing program. For our first installment, we present this conversation with poet Bruce Snider on the role of the sonnet in contemporary poetry. "The sonnet is a diamond-maker. If navigated skillfully, it’s intense pressure can crystallize language, thought, and feeling, making the poem incredibly vivid, immediate, and surprising."