July Podcast
Have a listen to this month's podcast: Associate Poetry Editor Joseph Gordon reads a pair of poems, "birds who eat flowers" by Ali Lanzetta and "The B-Boy" by Martha Grover, both published in issue 11 of Switchback. Also keep in mind that August is the last month we're reading submissions for our Fall issue (20). Click here to submit today!
An Interview with Roger Reeves
This weekend on Switchback, Poetry Editor Cassie Duggan has a chat with Roger Reeves, assistant professor of poetry at the University of Illinois, Chicago, about the state of poetry in the world: "So much of art is asking us to participate with and in it. You're not sitting in the church of poetry, passively. You say, hey I want to talk back to Eliot, or I want to talk back to Sexton, or I want to talk back to Natasha Trethewey, or I want to write something that disturbs this." You can read their entire conversation here
W.S. Di Piero's TOMBO and our May Podcast
This week on Switchback, we're offering up a new book review by Associate Nonfiction Editor Robert O'Connell of W.S. Di Piero's newest collection of poems TOMBO: "Early in the work, Di Piero establishes himself as a masterful observer, precisely matching word to image and building fleeting scenes both familiar and subtly alien." Also, be sure to head over to our media page and listen to Associate Poetry Editor Ryan O'Toole read and discuss a couple poems!