An Interview with David Wojahn and our October podcast!
David WojahnDavid Wojahn will be at the University of San Francisco on November 11th to give a poetry reading. Recently, he sat down with Poetry Editor Virginia Barrett to answer some of her questions. Read the whole feature here. Also have a listen to our very own Ian Jacoby read on the October podcast. And remember ISSUE 20 drops tomorrow!
Sean Wilsey's More Curious
More CuriousIssue 20 is just around the corner! To tide you over till then have a look at Nonfiction Editor Andrew Maynard's review of More Curious by Sean Wilsey (McSweeney's): "Whether Wilsey is attacking NASA or soccer or his love of skateboarding or the time he spent volunteering as a greeter for victims in the Plaza Hotel the week after 9/11, he is constantly searching for glimpses of beauty in humanity." 
Craft Talk No. 2: Dean Rader on Titling
This week on Switchback, we pick Dean Rader's brain on titles and their relationship to poems! Read the entire interview with Poetry Editor Cassie Duggan here: "Most of the time, the title comes last or nearly last. My fear with any poem is that it is either too accessible or too inaccessible. Depending on how I’m feeling, I might give a piece a title to help or hinder as the case may be."