Issue 22 Is Here!
Switchback Issue 22 is up and available for all to read. Please take a look, won't you? Congratulations to the winner of our Editors' Prize, Jim Krosschell, for his essay "Loon," and to our runners-up: Alan Hill for his poem "Amelia Hill," and Greg Larson for his essay "Confessions of a Minor-League Jockstrap Washer." The issue also features photography by Tammy Ruggles, and a short film by Josh Steinbauer. We sincerely hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Thanks for reading!
Two New Podcast Episodes
Two new episodes of the Switchback podcast are available for your listening pleasure! In the first, Ian and Greg start a discussion about life after the MFA, talking about what editors at publishing houses actually do. In the second, fellow USF MFA student Allison Rodriguez comes into the studio to talk about her internship at ZYZZYVA, a lit mag based in downtown San Francisco.
Fling! An Interview with Lily Iona Mackenzie
In the latest episode of the Switchback podcast, author Lily Iona Mackenzie comes into the studio to talk about her latest book, Fling!, released earlier this summer by Pen-L Publishing. After reading a selection from the book, Lily talks with hosts Greg Poulos and Stan O'Neill about the craft of writing, the importance of being a shapeshifter, and why we bother to read and write at all.

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