Craft Talk No. 2: Dean Rader on Titling
This week on Switchback, we pick Dean Rader's brain on titles and their relationship to poems! Read the entire interview with Poetry Editor Cassie Duggan here: "Most of the time, the title comes last or nearly last. My fear with any poem is that it is either too accessible or too inaccessible. Depending on how I’m feeling, I might give a piece a title to help or hinder as the case may be."
Invisible Hands: Voices from the Global Economy
Invisible Hands coverIt's the last week of September, and we've got a great new review for you of Invisible Hands: Voices from the Global Economy (McSweeney's) by current Associate Fiction Editor—soon to be Managing Editor of Switchback—Greg Poulos! "The voices presented here are unique; each plight is its own. And the stories are briskly told. This is a book you will want to read through to the very end, not because you feel some kind of abstract moral obligation to, but because these stories are fascinating and engaging."
Down from the Mountaintop: From Belief to Belonging
This weekend on Switchback, associate nonfiction editor Lorene Garrett reads and reviews Joshua Doležal’s Down from the Mountaintop: From Belief to Belonging. "Doležal’s memoir is as much a song of praise for the land as it is a search for belonging. His Montana mountains, infused with bears that 'snuffle' and secret huckleberry patches, provide the perfect backdrop for this community of believers who claim the faith of the ‘60s Northern California hippies." Also, this weekend marks the end of our submission period for our Fall issue. Submit now!