Man Alive / Thomas Page McBee
Staff member Laura Robledo has a new review of Thomas Page McBee's memoir Man Alive, which she describes as "an inspiring, raw tale of a man searching for an identity." Check it out!
An Interview with Sandra Lim + When Mythical Creatures Attack!
Sandra LimThis week on Switchback, check out our interview with poet extraordinaire Sandra Lim, who visited USF back in the Spring as a part of the Emerging Writers Festival. Also, be sure to read former Switchback staff member Joseph Gordon's review of When Mystical Creatures Attack! just out from the University of Iowa Press. Happy reading!
In the Course of Human Events / Mike Harvkey
Human EventsIssue 20 is still fresh in the world, but this Monday we've got a new review for you to check out. Staff member Colter Ruland reads and reviews In the Course of Human Events: "Mike Harvkey has created a work that’s as stylistically hyperrealistic as its topic is incendiary. The stakes are constantly getting higher, and it’s terrifying to watch as Clyde Twitty increasingly uses violence as a way to discharge his voice, his desire to be someone that matters."