Fling! An Interview with Lily Iona Mackenzie
In the latest episode of the Switchback podcast, author Lily Iona Mackenzie comes into the studio to talk about her latest book, Fling!, released earlier this summer by Pen-L Publishing. After reading a selection from the book, Lily talks with hosts Greg Poulos and Stan O'Neill about the craft of writing, the importance of being a shapeshifter, and why we bother to read and write at all.

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Taking a Cannon to the Canon
CannonIf you had to remove a book from the literary canon, which one would you choose? And what would you replace it with? Ian and Greg discuss their picks in the latest episode of the Switchback Podcast. (Before talking about science fiction for a while.)
A Little Lumpen Novelita: A Review
Switchback contributing editor Colter Ruland reviews Roberto Bolaño's A Little Lumpen Novelita (New Directions), placing the novel in the larger context of Bolaño's other works: "It fits right into the 'Bolañoverse', a dark fictional realm of twentieth-century decay replete with poet-gangsters, psychological suspense, horror tropes, dark smoky atmospheres, heightened sexuality, and lots and lots of murder. Yet the restraint in Lumpen is astonishing, making it both the most and least Bolañoesque novel I've yet to read." Keep reading here!