Aline Soules

Aline Soules' work has appeared in journals, e-zines, and anthologies such as The MacGuffin, 100 Words, Literature of the Expanding Frontier, and Variations on the Ordinary. Her books include Meditation on Woman (Anaphora Literary Press, Dec. 2011,; and The Size of the World (co-published with The Shape of the Heart, Plain View Press, 2005). Prose poems from Meditation on Woman previously have appeared in Tattoo Highway, Poetry Midwest, Long Story Short, the Newport Review, the Kenyon Review, and others. Poems from her chapbook, Evening Sun, have appeared in such publications as Kaleidowhirl, Reed, Shaking Like a Mountain, and The Houston Literary Review. She earned an M. A. in English, an M.S.L.S. in Library Science, and an MFA in Creative Writing. Her blog is at