Issue 2: Confession Vs. Mask
A Publication of the USF MFA in Writing Program

                   for Elizabeth Robinson

Susan Gevirtz

                       to       this    work      set

                       work        this          set       to


                                       word          my           broke         I

                                    word         I          my              broke

[If you were building blocks I'd
back of word break] 

seer        the          was

                                                                          but         to         broke

                                                        that       promised        to       I


harm no did wrath you so Loxias'
you so Loxias' did wrath harm no
                                      did wrath
                                              did harm
                                    You so
                                           Loxias' did
                                   did wrath, did harm
                                      You so no

                    Be      that        could      how

                    Could        how        be         that

[by the author's author

               Do         But         we                     foretell that seems all

                                                                   true you to us

                                                                   true us you to

[the mere un mere~~~    foretell that all seems
delinquent omatic)

         But        do         we                  that     seems     all     forestall

                                                     ;all you that

                                                       to us
                                                        that seems

[Cassandra Karaoke forge]

        available  forestall  measures

halting     halting       halting     holding    up

[       name        object lesson a name           repeat Stop

                                     filibuster      a thin pretend

                                     veil vial conveyance

                                                 rhyme Dogsters are

insist if as               building blocks

if as if as

available measures action

                            by answer will

                            of no action by action

                                        nomer  ation

delinquence video outside the gates

like a dad coming home at dinner time

subject's nomer

               actions  actions  actions' station

                                        static notion
                        notion's notation               sing

                  a stupid

             sing chorus taxi-ing for         |

One long 
pan                   for                     inter-ordinary how about
                                          how the ten-minute take

              exposure's time's perpetual stunt
              meticuulously pre-cut

Notorious                   I Confess            Topaz

              mobility         voyeur                   by action answer

                                                            no    action    of      meant

                                                   of    no     or     ornament       players

true as you to scuttle 

              figure       shy             characters move less 

                     We     see      the    object of the title

[Still            you          

                                         but           are]

      Saudi Arabia                   Scrivner

              procuring jeeps room service reminisence adornment adjacent

                        You           are            but          still

curtained window                     Can we talk of form in terms of
cannibalism and the 100 kinds

                    of hunger             all servants to this meal

diatribe chorus refrain

                            name carnivore          lead      to

as it may                  distribute incarnate

Then over again trespass none.
There pass ever again.  
Believed this none for again none me for this. 
Mere migration as return. 
Do but we. 
True to us you. 
Distribute serve. 
Insist if as. 
That seems all forestall. 
Fore halt unmere. 
Filibuster stutter. 
One long pan plan. 
One helping of child flesh. 
As a cause if origin a face causes.
Extricate speech ery untie.
Talk we can terms of the moving cursive scape. 

Cassandra: Apollo was the seer who set me to this work.
I promised [children] to Loxias, but I broke my word.

Chorus: So Loxias’ wrath did you no harm? How could that be?

Cassandra: For this trespass, none believed me ever again.

Chorus: But we do; all that you foretell seems true to us.

                                                        Aeschylus, Agamemnon

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