Issue 3: Minimalism vs. Maximalism
A Publication of the USF MFA in Writing Program

Glimpsing Venus

Colleen Lookingbill

Through sandstone archway outside where daughters’ baffling composition blushes from persistent dawn of cultural unraveling, arranging intoxicated testimony round and round earth resonance combine act of sexual diffidence back home fairy-tale matrix, vortex of self-importance, shape of which … need emerges solving real and symbolic wooed by an audience with certain disposition READING unquenchable books behind closed door, bring up sale of human beings, unintended irony, a practice no one questions imbues ardor recorded passionate, ominous, playing to the inner ear reflex isolation like polemical talent moves … give us time to recover eye-to-eye, as a sex our legacy from scratch an ambiguous loyalty we pledge equally clear observations of affection, manners or morals remain in place, reality oppression leads to psychic intelligibility heavenly rain of tears, someone has to weep, has to contrive tenuous power regardless of appearances possessed or chosen our responses connect perfectly … intimacy tangled in grass flowers, design boundaries rustle, writing embraces itself in this increasingly minimal space, exteriority attempts conversion female subjectivity introduces a shift in the allegorical, our body approaches VOID and INTENSITY unconscious recognition merely truthful readers disentangle a story different than the one told … figures mirror an early splitting, dismantle culture, this “other scene” translates historical way of looking, sparks of opulence amid extreme scarcity vagabond story evocative order, gender disparity, race, language, money mean nothing, I know my own predicament beyond impetus unwitting oracle no one questions, speak objects of conflict, watermark haunting presence apprehensive opposition like a silent movie where fragile readers defer dreamy charm, provide terrain anyone can possess … waiting to see feminine volition grow all toned down by social inscriptions, an accident solidifies fragment of submerged emotions shape collage based forgetting how singular reappears ever changing amalgam of perspective postpones ABANDON, language follows many rhythms elaborating entropic masquerade structures echo the original triangle of narrative strategy’s obsessive text of lies “I have a reaction” implies verbal erotics happen separate from experience, we lose sight piece by piece moment by moment … deafening effect “treaty of silence” boundary inseparable from tender wiles overcome nostalgia for city of lost honeymoons fitting body around every nook and cranny preserves for how long the nature of good, a flood of semen submits to considerable editorial revision whose influences shape freedom’s fantasy, emerging transformation etched in lines of my face, without seeming eccentric, deficient or failure, solitude resists anonymity and indifference more than personality insists upon recognition … concern whether feminine would serve a guide beyond writer’s production of texts psyche enacts poetic aspirations locates elusive yearning, we look for we hope for exotic terrain squeezed from openings sensitive to any fluctuation, evidence synonymous artifact of gratitude, preparing always preparing … my vulnerability, dynamism of its own awareness making inventions fluid under a spell of love, irrigated with streams out of the continuum an existential turning point requires fate paying tribute to surrogate enchantment, sexual emancipation lack of SYMMETRY eradicate finer differences our erotic potentiality awakens allowed to express collective sexual revolution, spontaneous adroitness seeks palpable illusion only tells lies by coincidence … same city re-captures a present oppressive, inviolate, ecclesiastical, temporary stay in a vast landscape thousands of miles because the narrator finds it impossible to say the story is over, urban character requires complex tension everyone loses everything by simple assertion “I feel” we admit self-confidence seen as devotion half way, desire older than doubt anchored by inkling, contoured arrogance plenty of errors finding why that was and with whom concentrating on giving support in all the wrong places … resemblance eclipses curious way loose repetition based on social code, logical diversion requires watching to evade heritage complicit with this impossible gap, when marginal becomes excessive competence or painful participation we’re ripe for an antidote, a private celebration borrowing our nakedness, a simpler world unwinds thick in bed beneath the last romantics insist on radically changing that moment of vexation, hurled illuminated into the web.

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