[[Preview: Subjectivity vs. Objectivity]]
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\nFormal definitions are taken from [[the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language|http://bartleby.com/61/]].\n\nAll other contents, except for the definition of //[[subjectivity]]//, are taken from works appearing in [[this issue of Switchback|http://www.swback.com/issues/004/]]. All appearances of each titular term, including variants, are included; each line has a "§" link leading to its source.\n\nThis [[project]] is a [[TiddlyWiki|http://www.tiddlywiki.com/]]. It was made by [[Alex Davis|staff.shtml]].
*//[[objectivity]]//\n*//[[subjectivity]]//\n\n~~@@color:gray;([[about this preview|PreView]])@@~~
Issue #4 Preview
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\n[[§|You_Dont_Know_Me.shtml]] the social influences put upon
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\n[[§|Devotion.shtml]] affection. He always says it that way, as if love weren’t \n[[§|Inter-Views.shtml]] accident, I was profoundly affected by \n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] cold we agree to meet in the bookstore, affectionately known\n
\n[[§|Remember_How_We_Used_to_Play.shtml]] aimed and hit the next\n
\n[[§|interviews.shtml]] fiction being\n[[§|Something_Shiny.shtml]] misremembered things as being\n[[§| Out_of_the_Cracker_Jack_Box.shtml]] and being consumed.\n[[§| Inter-Views.shtml]] liked being at home,\n[[§| Here_s_to_the_Losers.shtml]] being a thousand miles from\n[[§| interviews.shtml]] human beings, that is\n[[§|Joan_Didion_and_the_Subjectivity_of_Facts.shtml]] busy being born and\n[[§| Here_s_to_the_Losers.shtml]] being rhetorical. Something dies\n[[§| From_Disaster_Lyrics.shtml]] being this strange effect of\n[[§| Watermark.shtml]] being on the verge of\n[[§| Joan_Didion_and_the_Subjectivity_of_Facts.shtml]] being born? \n[[§| I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml ]] (2) and (3) of being a\n[[§|You_Dont_Know_Me.shtml]] consideration of each human being as an individual, possessed of\n[[§| interviews.shtml]] human beings, given that in life,\n[[§| Joan_Didion_and_the_Subjectivity_of_Facts.shtml]] busy being\n[[§| You_Dont_Know_Me.shtml]] a human being more than an archetype, and this confounds\n[[§| You_Dont_Know_Me.shtml]] expectations of another human being\n[[§| You_Dont_Know_Me.shtml]] with another human being as\n[[§| The_Bird_of_Paradise.shtml]] being sucked from the bay by\n[[§| interviews.shtml]] being let go
\n[[§|Here_s_to_the_Losers.shtml]] the monster wandered the neighborhood discrete, as boys who hardly spoke\n
\n[[§| Remember_How_We_Used_to_Play.shtml]] move effortlessly, side to side, unroll her tongue\n[[§| Devotion.shtml]] keeps him upright with no effort on his part, slumping\n
\n[[§|Here_s_to_the_Losers.shtml]] paper ejected from its spinning mass in rapid fire, catching\n
\n[[§|Inter-Views.shtml]] both his existing and anticipated \n[[§|The_Bird_of_Paradise.shtml:]] existence its surprise?\n \n[[§|Inter-Views.shtml]] as if she had never existed. And you can’t \n\n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] fail to exist anywhere where \n\n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] existence ceases to move, we are far \n
\n[[§|interviews.shtml]] architecture is factual. “This is what \n[[§|Inter-Views.shtm]] memoir is a combination of facts\n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] slipping. Oftentimes, the fact that we choose \n[[§|interviews.shtml]] new ground, but the facts are later determined \n[[§|interviews.shtml]] story as facts with attributions and \n[[§|Joan_Didion_and_the_Subjectivity_of_Facts.shtml]] mind. Again, the facts appear\n[[§|Joan_Didion_and_the_Subjectivity_of_Facts.shtml]] On the surface, this collection of factual details appears\n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] level. The fact that most people are \n[[§| Pampering.shtml]] doing two things at once. In fact, \n\n[[§|Remember_How_We_Used_to_Play.shtml]] That and the fact that\n[[§| I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] the nature of man, and, in fact, the desired nature of man, is never to be\n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] able to discern that music is, in fact, playing \n[[§|Joan_Didion_and_the_Subjectivity_of_Facts.shtml]] the particulars of what, when, who, where, and how. These facts give the \n[[§|Joan_Didion_and_the_Subjectivity_of_Facts.shtml]] [[objective]] facts in details so excruciating, with such grating \n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] moral [[statement|state]] about them, just a [[statement|state]] of fact. This type of \n[[§|interviews.shtml]] facts, drop agendas and personal pursuits and stay focused\n\n[[§|interviews.shtml]] What faith do you have that facts have been \n[[§|Inter-Views.shtml]] factually accurate. . . . The only things I changed were \n[[§|interviews.shtml]] not factual, it should be appropriately labeled as \n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] extremely different. In fact, \n[[§|interviews.shtml]] A conjuring of the facts can be\n[[§|interviews.shtml]] fact-checking, I see nothing wrong with that.\n[[§|interviews.shtml]] I have no confidence in fact checking anywhere because \n[[§|interviews.shtml]] I deal in facts, I would have to research to know \n\n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] One fact is surely true;\n[[§|Pampering.shtml]] she found out he had in fact been dating\n[[§|Joan_Didion_and_the_Subjectivity_of_Facts.shtml]] memoir. All information given is factual, taken from \n[[§|Joan_Didion_and_the_Subjectivity_of_Facts.shtml]] the precise facts she wants us to know in the precise order she wants us to know \n[[§|Inter-Views.shtml]] everything that’s factual and true. He used the \n[[§|Inter-Views.shtml]] events described, and the [[material]] facts incorporated into this \n[[§|interviews.shtml]] war, that it could, in fact,\n[[§|interviews.shtml]] keep to the facts, fairly represent \n[[§|Joan_Didion_and_the_Subjectivity_of_Facts.shtml]] a third set of fact-based images, beginning with the orchids \n
\n[[§|Curfew_the_Dead.shtml]] government. Curfew \n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] run for government office\n\n[[§|You_Dont_Know_Me.shtml]] by hiding the “government cheese”\n
\n[[§|interviews.shtml]] to interject myself \n
\n[[§|Black_Rabbit.shtml]] hesitation pierced one of the rabbit’s eyes. Blood jetted out, then slowed \n
\n[[§|Here_s_to_the_Losers.shtml]] mind at angles, jutting shoes and fingers. It does not live but seems \n
\n[[§| interviews.shtml]] through all the raw material, turn it over and over, and give it\n[[§| interviews.shtml]] ground but the material is not [[factual|factually]], it should be\n[[§| Inter-Views.shtml]] described, and the material [[facts|factually]] incorporated into\n[[§| Here_s_to_the_Losers.shtml]] replenishment of freshly severed materials. Then\n
ob·ject\n(noun)\n#Something perceptible by one or more of the [[senses]], especially by vision or touch; a [[material]] thing.\n#A focus of attention, feeling, thought, or action: //an object of contempt//.\n#The purpose, [[aim]], or goal of a [[specific]] action or [[effort]]: //the object of the game//.\n# //Grammar//\n##A noun, pronoun, or noun phrase that receives or is [[affected]] by the action of a verb within a sentence.\n##A noun or substantive [[governed]] by a preposition.\n# //Philosophy// Something intelligible or perceptible by the mind.\n# //Computer Science// A [[discrete]] item that can be selected and maneuvered, such as an [[onscreen graphic|PreView]].\nEtymology: Middle English, from Old French, from Medieval Latin //obiectum//, thing put before the mind, from neuter past participle of Latin //obicere//, to put before, hinder : //ob-//, before, [[toward]]; + //iacere//, to [[throw]]; see //[[yē-]]//.\n
ob·jec·tive\n(adjective)\n#Of or having to do with a [[material]] //[[object]]//.\n#Having actual [[existence]] or [[reality]].\n#\n##[[Uninfluenced]] by emotions or personal prejudices: //an objective critic//. See synonyms at fair.\n##Based on observable [[phenomena]]; presented [[factually]]: //an objective appraisal//.\n# //Medicine// Indicating a symptom or condition [[perceived]] as a [[sign]] of disease by someone other than the person [[affected]].
ob·jec·tiv·i·ty\n(noun)\n#The [[state]] or [[quality]] of [[being]] //[[objective]]//.\n#External or [[material]] [[reality]]. \n
\n[[§|Black_Rabbit.shtml]] I could just perceive his outline\n[[§|Here_s_to_the_Losers.shtml]] something ageless, immortal, who perceives of the rise and fall of species\n\n[[§|Inter-Views.shtml]] It’s sad that he perceives himself as a tortured character.\n
\n[[§|Pampering.shtml]] every single American woman danced wildly in her living room. A curious cultural phenomenon.\n
\n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] The project continues to expand \n\n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] My private projects won’t get in \n
\n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] to qua ourselves with means that we will literally \n
\n[[§| interviews.shtml]] take a “real look” at reading \n[[§|interviews.shtml]] as if it’s a “real book.” \n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] the symbol and the reality \n[[§|Something_Shiny.shtml]] was really new or just a rehash \n[[§|Something_Shiny.shtml]] bigger than they really were, but one time \n[[§|Inter-Views.shtml]] based on real people who \n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] do something common “of the people,” but I can’t really live up to \n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] who he really is as a person. \n[[§|Devotion.shtml]] he’s really a caring guy, he would \n[[§|Inter-Views.shtml]] look at you so deep, like she could see who you really were. \n\n[[§|Inter-Views.shtml]] I realized he was saying he was really \n[[§|Inter-Views.shtml]] involved. They were both quiet, real pale, obviously \n[[§|Inter-Views.shtml]] holding on to each other real tight. Then \n[[§|interviews.shtml]] there really are no absolutes. \n[[§|Here_s_to_the_Losers.shtml]] he says, really riding \n[[§|Inter-Views.shtml]] the car and realized the car involved was \n[[§|Inter-Views.shtml]] not, in real-life, directly involved in \n[[§|interviews.shtml]] remembering anything, really. I feel like life is a \n[[§|interviews.shtml]] relationship to reality is weighed from time to time \n\n[[§|Pampering.shtml]] and she suddenly realized she was \n[[§|Pampering.shtml]] scattered everywhere—had she really \n[[§|interviews.shtml]] a version of himself or herself. But really, you can’t escape \n[[§|Here_s_to_the_Losers.shtml]] sentience. You think that what really displays a \n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] symbol and reality that is \n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] that the prisoner really liked. In any case, \n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] I don’t really know which ones, not really. \n\n[[§| I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] a person really comes to know himself. He might believe that he really likes \n[[§|Pampering.shtml]] a real pleasure.” He stood \n[[§|Remember_How_We_Used_to_Play.shtml]] back in, then she realized she could curl \n\n[[§|Something_Shiny.shtml]] somewhere, the real ones were valuable and started with \n[[§|Inter-Views.shtml]] something that belonged to us. What really happened, what \n[[§|You_Dont_Know_Me.shtml]] is really to discuss a case \n[[§|Remember_How_We_Used_to_Play.shtml]] you’re really mad at. Know \n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml ]] It doesn’t really matter \n[[§|interviews.shtml]] No, I really don’t care about that at all. Unless it’s \n[[§|interviews.shtml]] really telling me the truth about their lives? But \n[[§|Joan_Didion_and_the_Subjectivity_of_Facts.shtml]] [[objective]], isolate, real. The first \n[[§|Inter-Views.shtml]] really liked [[being]] at home, \n\n[[§|Pampering.shtml]] more into my kitchen. You really \n[[§|La_Loteria.shtml]] got really religious \n[[§|Pampering.shtml]] and, really, she didn’t mind. While his life was one \n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] real life, why should we imagine \n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] the symbol and reality of \n[[§|Remember_How_We_Used_to_Play.shtml]] losing control. Of what? Who really knew? \n
\n[[§|Devotion.shtml]] she rejects that possibility; he will put her into\n
\n[[§|After_the_Storm.shtml]] have the sense to come in out of \n[[§|From_Disaster_Lyrics.shtml]] which we’ve been embedded, that all sense \n[[§|Here_s_to_the_Losers.shtml]] makes no sense. Nothing \n\n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] in the [[specific]] sense of\n[[§|interviews.shtml]] profound sense. By the way I believe \n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] in my [[specific]] sense. Some people act as if they \n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] sense, such interpretation\n\n[[§|Joan_Didion_and_the_Subjectivity_of_Facts.shtml]] our need to make sense of the contradictions\n[[§|Something_Shiny.shtml]] all the hurricane nonsense and more bombs \n\n[[§|Karl_Marx_Needs_a_Haircut.shtml]] Makes no sense\n[[§|You_Dont_Know_Me.shtml]] in the sense of the participants knowing \n
\n[[§|Inter-Views.shtml]] Doing a signing\n \n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] my message is a weak signal,\n[[§|Inter-Views.shtml]] didn’t stop at the signal, didn’t\n\n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] let the signals of radio\n[[§|From_Disaster_Lyrics.shtml]] drowning all our broken signs, these \n \n[[§|Inter-Views.shtml]] saw the signal lights flashing up ahead, and \n[[§|La_Loteria.shtml]] Since I signed\n\n[[§|Black_Rabbit.shtml]] cemented in place, the left significantly back from the right.\n[[§|La_Loteria.shtml]] the equals sign\n\n[[§|Remember_How_We_Used_to_Play.shtml]] suited for this sort of thing, designed \n[[§|Something_Shiny.shtml]] like waving a sign that says ‘help us.’\n
\n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] my specific [[sense|senses]]. Some \n\n[[§|Joan_Didion_and_the_Subjectivity_of_Facts.shtml]] resounding with increasingly specific \n\n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] specific [[sense|senses]] of someone\n
\n[[§| Inter-Views.shtml]] falsely state or imply that \n[[§| Joan_Didion_and_the_Subjectivity_of_Facts.shtml]] given is [[factual|factually]], taken from stated record or directly observed by\n[[§| Inter-Views.shtml]] the victims. One of the witnesses stated that \n[[§| Watermark.shtml]] [[being]] on the verge of crying was the best state to be in. She would break down \n[[§| Joan_Didion_and_the_Subjectivity_of_Facts.shtml]] states, “All of these pictures told a story \n[[§| Joan_Didion_and_the_Subjectivity_of_Facts.shtml]] juxtaposes this statement with “There was no actual connection \n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] not a moral statement about them, just a statement
([[effort]])\n# The [[state]] of [[specific]] [[existence]], [[ungoverned|governed]] and [[uninfluenced|Uninfluenced]] by [[being]].\n# [[Reality|reality]] [[factually]] [[affected]].\n# A [[thrown|throw]] [[object]] [[perceived]] as [[aimed|aim]].\n# The [[project]] of [[interjecting|interject]] what [[jets|jet]] or [[juts|jut]] from [[discrete]] [[material]].\n# [[Ejection|eject]] of [[phenomena]] [[toward]] the [[senses]].\n# [[Rejecting|reject]] as [[objective]] [[objectivity]].\n# A [[sign]] of [[quality]].\n# They who abandon all [[traject]], or [[yē-]] who enter here.\n
\n[[§|Black_Rabbit.shtml]] lifted my left foot and threw it down \n[[§|Pampering.shtml]] through the back window. She threw herself down,\n[[§|Joan_Didion_and_the_Subjectivity_of_Facts.shtml]] legs thrown through windows in\n[[§|Joan_Didion_and_the_Subjectivity_of_Facts.shtml]] legs thrown through windows\n[[§|Inter-Views.shtml]] I threw a punch back, and I threw \n[[§|Inter-Views.shtml]] I threw it back as hard \n[[§|Black_Rabbit.shtml]] threatening to throw it also. \n[[§|Here_s_to_the_Losers.shtml]] throws a good, solid punch\n[[§|Inter-Views.shtml]] every punch thrown with one \n[[§|Inter-Views.shtml]] and throw a ball around, her and \n[[§|Remember_How_We_Used_to_Play.shtml]] threw her racquet in front of \n[[§|La_Loteria.shtml]] he said, throwing the tickets in the \n[[§|The_Bird_of_Paradise.shtml]] actually thrown the stick into the water and was watching\n[[§|Watermark.shtml]] the verge of throwing up and \n[[§|Watermark.shtml]] should throw up.\n
\n[[§|Black_Rabbit.shtml]] dragged my feet toward the door where she stood \n[[§|I_ve_Met_Some_People_And_Bought_Some_Things.shtml]] you veer toward the coffee shop then past \n[[§|La_Loteria.shtml]] myself walking towards the pawnshop \n\n[[§|Pampering.shtml]] pushed the plate of scones toward\n\n[[§|Remember_How_We_Used_to_Play.shtml]] walked toward the machine to turn\n[[§|Black_Rabbit.shtml]] stepped toward the door I relaxed\n[[§|Remember_How_We_Used_to_Play.shtml]] tilted her chin toward
\n[[§|Pampering.shtml]] his life was one solid, steady upward trajectory, hers seemed to languish and scuttle around on the floor, like an unlikable \n
(root)\n\nTo [[throw]], impel.\n#Extended zero-grade forms //*yak-yo-// and //*yak-ē-// (stative). gist, gite, jactitation, jess, [[jet]], jeté, jetsam, jettison, jetty, joist, [[jut]]; abject, adjacent, adjective, amice, circumjacent, conjecture, deject, ejaculate, [[eject]], inject, [[interject]], //[[object]]//, parget, [[project]], [[reject]], subjacent, [[subject|subjectivity]], superjacent, [[traject]], from Latin //iacere//, to [[throw]], lay, and //iacēre//, to lie down (< "to be [[thrown|throw]]") and //iaculum//, dart.\n#Basic form //*yē-// and zero-grade form //*y(e)-//. catheter, diesis, enema, paresis, synesis, from Greek //hīenai//, to send, [[throw]].