Issue 4: Subjectivity vs. Objectivity
A Publication of the USF MFA in Writing Program


Welcome to Switchback—Issue #4—Subjectivity vs. Objectivity. This issue brings a rich and varied selection of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction that taps the dark/light polarities in contributors' psyches. In addition, students comment on the subjective/objective in the work of Junot Diaz, Joan Didion, and James Frey.

Check out the premier of our two new features: 1) Interviews. A poet/novelist, journalist/novelist, journalist/blogger, and an online journalist share their perspectives on writing fact or fiction. 2) Live Audio. Listen to the rich and varied voices of live audio from the May 2, 2006 Switchback Reading at the Lone Mountain Campus of the University of San Francisco. This audio features new work from Issue #3's contributors.

Some writers hold the perspective that a writer/artist not only has the opportunity but also a social obligation to their audience to be a "voice" and use their writing to tear down walls. Then, there are others who shun the idea of their work, and/or their representation of self or others in the public/private sphere, as being obligated to do anything. Add your perspectives to Issue #5: The Independent vs. The Representative Voice. See our call for submissions page.

After over two years of building this journal from concept to reality, the two founding editors of Switchback, Alex Davis, Poetry and Technical Editor and Rosita Nunes, Managing Editor, will be bidding their fond, but bleary farewells from the helm, watching and helping from the wings as their creative project continues to flourish on its own under a new and dedicated staff.

To our readers, your comments are always welcome. Peace Out.

— The Switchback Editorial Staff

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