Notes on Joan Crawford

Cedar Sigo

·Metro used her real life exposure
·to the lower classes
·           Her mother was a laundry woman.
·It is said that Joan would hand her clothes

·from off the line.  She fled Texas

·                            & found immediate
·success upon the casting couch. Then
·            having landed a spot in a chorus line
·                                              of New York
·she was asked to entertain executives
·                                            out from Hollywood
·             This seemed to open doors & she was
·                                                 soon moved to Brentwood

A majority of early vehicles cast her as a little

shop girl – The Women.  She had a string of hits

into the forties, but was suddenly labeled Box

Office Poison & asked to leave Metro.

              She would gain her revenge signing with Warners

winning her first & only Best Actress Oscar for Mildred

Pierce.  She is increasingly showing her age.  She once accepted

an Oscar on another woman’s behalf & for spite, Reportedly beat

the fuck out of two adopted children.  Owned her own ill-fated

casino, Viennas, in Johnny Guitar.  She married Albert Steele,

the magnate

                      behind Pepsi-Cola

                                                     & did remain on its board of directors

after his sudden death.

She ended in B horror.  Baby Jane, Berserk



& her last feature Trog (1970?)

She took whatever crumbs were offered on television     one foot

                in the grave.  Her last was an episode of Night Gallery

                  She plays blind

                  It was Spielberg’s first professional job.  He has recalled

  there being a lot of cue cards used     large type editions






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