Untitled (NIJINSKY)

Cedar Sigo

Lots to confess, your best interests,

if you are so inclined to backroom

show buisness memoir, His Eye is On

The Sparrow-"I just slip in and out" and

seem to be drawn to a place by folks who don't

know where they want me but I do in fact appear. Then

held over several weeks (backroom)(bloodsucking)(donkey $how)

I once saw a picture of John Wieners arriving to an opening of John Chamberlains (twisted) with a not quite long enough ponytail greased. He appeared to be sleepwalking. I think it was mid-sixties. I am wearing a more Genet style sailors top now, about to run down to the dock. The fleets come in. I could have had them all along. ten years. I've loved you once too hard and twice too soft now. Three times a lady.




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