video still from Open Arms (3 of 3)

Dave Greber

featuring Jacob Edwards, Katie Gelfand, Matthew Holdren, Roel Miranda
7-channel video installation
wood, wax, fabric, lemons, CRT TVs

From Dave Greber:

"In its early stages, I wanted Open Arms to be a rock-solid concept piece. I was trying to translate our entire contemporary value system into a single piece of art by using ancient mythology as a sort of Rosetta stone. After a few arduous weeks and a few spent notebooks into this epic quest, I was stuck. Nothing was going to work. I must have spent all of my creativity on my last piece, and I was really a good artist after all, blah blah...

I could faintly see what the finished piece was going to look like in the distance, and it wasn't anything like what I had planned up until this point.  I was going to start from scratch again.  My conscious was sweating, stuttering and confused while my subconscious was saying, "Put me in coach!  I'm ready to play!"  So at this point I handed the ball off to my deeper self and he did all of the rest of the work effortlessly.  My ego was standing on the sidelines saying "Be careful!  No stop, that doesn't make sense!!" Dodging self-doubt and hurdling over anxiety, my intuition gracefully tip-toed the project to its finished state.  Touchdown Red Team!

At the press conference afterward, my conscious mind was given all the credit for such bold decision making, while my subconscious patiently waited in the locker-room studying he game-tape and doing yoga."

Learn more about the video installation Open Arms on Dave's website Sculpted Productions




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