Adiabatic Cooling

Sylvia Chan

Hide and seek. How does one of them
                                                                                              live with themselves. They’re sold
separately. They took my breath away.                          I was filled and filled and filled and didn’t let up.
Each tremor passed the gist of                                       pink noise, velar and deeply glottal. It was good
to get free, though sometimes, they’d just                     throttle on. Not everyone is beautiful. I struggle
to get through to the shade in the air that’s                    not resolved in your mind. Mine,
it’s wispy haze, or energy so great its
thick bark insulates against fire                                    damage. Pink is runny enough through the
stratosphere. Its color is so exceed                               –ingly loose, we’re going to pretend on in
serpentine amusement. My ex said I                            should write music because I cannot be helped.
Just what was in me, and try to live any                      way. I barely knew how to augment 7th’s, but
that root was the only option. I had a                           good ear which pretended not to
care. On Tuesdays one of them comes                         as soon as we open. They create the more or
less infatuated seedy thinking that we’re                     all fated to break down, in the beauty of
just me or you. Is it just or does the other                    of them lower himself for the double-chinned
horror slant of not coming back the                             next day. The one’s devoted, like the Wal-Mart
steal of acid house’s grim smiles to                             market cheap synthetic quality. Like prayer at a
Buddhist temple in the middle of                                 Ukiah. To come off as the right one, which is the
tune followed by 21st-century music                           theory. We won’t want to diminish the other
when we quit we don’t hear the lower left                   bass. My aural test scores were always    
7/12. Not that I was miffed I wasn’t involved. 

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