sounding speech

Alexander Nemick

crystalline branches blossom white blossoms thickly among twin trees beside the opening door


appears—pulp cut sprigs bowed by string along over the archway of petals burning white on one side on one side falling as the other appears—white


leaves white blossoms wilting to the trees as written as thought unspools again lowering the petrifying branches sunken upon the already thick piles of petals


appearing anew—fresh cut already wilting white petals tremble among the young branches the golden strings humming out the anchor of a word thrown back through Night’s


twinning doors (of) appearance—crystallizing word blossoms splinter under the other now wilting words appearing—writing thrumming petals again


as the winds burn upon the little white-hot suns smoldering deeply into dark branches again cut pulpy and hung in the late sunshine of


strings snapping above emptying words—appear—burning branches trembling upon—trembling lips parting upon—blossoms of written words ablaze thrown in the twin door—disappearing—night calls a fall down Night as—audible


white petals calling back from among the anchors strung to trembling lips come, our twin


callery pears!