Craigslist Missed Connections: theseus and the minotaur

Julia Rox


you are a minotaur inside

posted 22 hours ago// body: athletic

You have an inner strength

and beauty that few possess”

Was it a beauty you wanted to possess?

Or did it possess you? rendering you

powerless like

Pasiphae, who fell so madly in love with

a beast that she could not

think of anything else.


Posted 3 days ago// age: 28

“I stripped in your living room on

our first date: I wish I could go back and re

live that moment when I just started taking

my clothes off in front of you. Hope

you remember it fondly, too.”

Did she see the birthmark on your thigh

shaped like a closed umbrella?

Did your skin shine like a white

bull, too beautiful to sacrifice?


“Down the street. .beautiful....from Oregon”

Will you go to Daedalus,

looking to get closer

to what you want?

“....plz help heal me. me back”


if you get too close to the sun

you will fall into the ocean. Sometimes

if you get too close to what you want

you make a monster or

you become a monster,

trapped in a maze, and with all of us,

looking for healing.


“Where are you, Rebecca? Are you ok? - m4w”

Posted 12 hours ago// height: 5’4’’

Are you standing in your kitchen

on a Friday night

where the neighbors smoking on

the fire escape can see you

naked, making tea with your cat?

They ash their cigarettes into empty beer

bottles and they also wonder about you.

So many mazes to get lost in.

So many bottles

lost at sea.


“I hope you found the right

boots that don't hurt your feet”

I hope you know that

I am also a minotaur inside.

I too

have found myself with

no natural source of nourishment and

devoured humans for sustenance.

I too

have followed

my need for human flesh.


And, if nothing else, I really want to know the color

of your eyes as they look into mine.

I bet you a bowl of soup and a

hunk of bread that they're as lovely as I

imagine them to be.”

Yes, her eyes are lovely,

her voice is rich and

smooth, and her hands are not soft.

She will ask of you

more than you

are willing to give.


“I saw u on hwy goin to Rathdrum on sunday

On my way to the hairdresser...I realize u called me

On my birthday in May and on Christmas

Does Becky know u r doin this?”

w4m//location: united states

Does Becky know? Does

Becky put away the boots that hurt your feet

when you come home? Would she walk to you

from here to Crete to keep you from sacrifice?


you send a message in a bottle,

do you think it will ever reach the shore?


“It has been difficult.” m4w

It has been difficult

to learn how to leave things behind. Even now,

every time I get off the subway I turn around

and make sure I’m not leaving anything

in the seats.

But we are always leaving something behind

always flying the black sails of death as we go.


Posted about 3 hours ago//status: single

“15MAY79 - m4w

That's your birthdate. It's funny how love works.

It's been well over five years since we've communicated,

yet you still pop into my head from time to time.”

I hope you know that

you are still a minotaur inside. I hope

you walk a thousand miles

with a thousand miles of yarn,

trailing behind you.


Posted 9 hours ago//body type: slim

“Tell me what kinda car you were driving.”

Tell me where I left my trail of yarn,

what color it was, and what material.


You have fallen asleep.

“I knew then that I had fallen.

You were not ready, so I stayed,

But peace is coming, believing that you are

waiting for the right time to return to me”

I want to return

but the yarn has all unraveled,

and I am on my way home

without you.


Sometimes we forget to fly

the white flag ahead of us

“Same place we met last week.

I'll keep checking for you”m4m//location: park

You can keep checking, but

there will not be a sign.

You can keep checking.

You can throw yourself into the sea.