From: Moss

Michael Rerick

Halloween bones feel fall’s moist chill

air as cloud with variation

bodies reflect surreal mirrored hospital walls

with parental attention

before juniper shrub stink

a Japanese weeping maple feathers a box top apartment

and rain shucks concrete oysters

as tires clap over dry leaves to speed a roar of applause

through a thin outline framed by small columns

crows stop and tap at opaque yellow plastic tower windows

in meat and wood stove smoke

blockades and grades

stimulate landscape

desire fractures

(in pressed berry

and salmon print)

little fissures in gray

moss bound crooks

clung to vibrato-time

in the train rumble lull and horn

blue Doppler volumes comb wet fall pine and wind and tall grass heads

along easy motel style apartment living

because the moon is a streetlight window reflection effect

working over and over with a paper cup thermos replacement

slowed by small yellow leaf storms

and bird bullets shot from silver fir recesses

that target slick street worms

as the blue billowing tarp strings hold

and the gutter spills on the tin wood pile roof

in oncoming red alder hours that rustle like walled shower pipes

adding to the lavender grey and clipped green senses