The Pus

Jyoti Mugalikar

Gambled at a confused stumbling of feign

To coronate the mobbed city of a tear seed

Frosting over the satin soil of disdain

Crippled at knees, the valiant pauses breed

Stalked at a hushed orchard’s lingering swim

Merges a halted walk of crystal rain

A solitary monk’s memory clot,as if

Ripened at a scar’s muddled lens

To soil the soil of an urban feast

Weeding ‘but’ from a plural silence

Clouded over the collars of a smile’s east

Scalping the rust of an integral dawn earn

Like a truant need perniciously thorned

From the stains of a vocoid pinch

Mutating the gallop of a nibbling eyespan

Poaching the smell of death dyed hunch

An alien shade on the desert crayon of ash

Embossed articulately like a molten gold sore

Or camphoring with the aural breath spin

As a dolphin curve on a froth shore.