Sorry that Pluto is no longer a planet. Sorry that Tower

Records closed. Sorry that Manhattan’s pushcarts

transmogrified into sad telephones. Regrettable that

deer munch manicured suburban lawns, their busy teeth

chomping Kentucky Bluegrass. Unfortunate that

clouds closed the moon’s wide eye. A shame that

no one seems to feel responsible for the waste of

tears spilled for unworthy lovers, or the extra

miles traveled by rejected immigrants running for their lives.

Easier to focus on how regrettable it is

that the cost of living rises, than on the tragic

spaces between family members, pulsing with

traumatic long-term tensions and unresolved trust.

Sorry, also, that the Pinta Island Tortoise and Chinese Paddlefish

swim into oblivion, and isn’t it sad how the poor are

paddling in place, their resignation a different kind of

whirlpool, swirling inexorably into itself? Almost criminal that

pollution causes 1 in 7 deaths, our waste and poison

bombarding both personal and global immune systems.

Sad but no surprise that things so often break down, the excess

of some robbing others of bare necessities, with no real

opportunity for change, though the few, golden exceptions

go viral on the internet, neutralizing our consciences.

Regrettable, too, how technology fills our bedrooms with

anti-erotic red LED numbers and TV screens screaming

crime and war and the occasional hard-luck adoptable dog.

In the larger scheme, perhaps it’s better that we don’t

look too hard, but rather, turn our guilty eyes

toward the invisible dark matter that keeps the cosmos whole.


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