Janna Layton

Half Moon Pose

            Pretend we could see the moon if we looked.

            We know it is still there. Reach up to it.

            Up, up.

            Now bend,

            point your fingers and ribs into the distance,

            and visualize other survivors

            pointing back.

Eagle Pose

            Leg wrapped around leg,

            arm wrapped around arm.

            This isn’t our old anti-microbial studio floor,

            (for those of you who knew it)

            but to balance,

            think of deep below the surface of the Earth

            where our planet is untouched, and root

            your foot to that place.

Tree Pose

            Yes, there are still trees.

            Did you see the one by where the coffee shop

            used to be, with some leaves still green?

            Life continues.

            Maybe you feel a cockroach

            scurrying over your foot—welcome it.

            If you can,

            put your hands in prayer position.

Camel Pose

            Let us get down on our knees,

            but not in defeat. Lean back.

            Offer your heart up willingly.

            Think of camels

            and how they have calmly crossed barren deserts

            for thousands of years.

            There are probably still camels, somewhere.

            Don’t look at these crumbled streets

            and fallen buildings and think of ruins—

            think of deserts.

            Think of the kind eyes of the camel.

Child’s Pose

            Don’t get hung up on the name and mourn—

            you have other time for that.

            The purpose of this pose is to rest your back.

            If you’re here, your back has been good to you.

            Maybe you have carried jugs of water on your back,

            or an injured neighbor, or a camping tent.

            Let your spine rest for a moment. Thank it.

            But still stretch.


            The corpse pose.

            There is nothing morbid about it.

            We are not corpses yet,

            but others are and we do not know

            when we will join them.

            There is no shame in being a corpse.

            But at this moment,

            we are alive.

            Relax your body against the earth.


            Don’t think about the radiation.