Issue 5: Independent vs. Representative Voice
A Publication of the USF MFA in Writing Program

A Landscape Sounds

Alexandra Mattraw

Her raw mouth   
removed from not  
knowing becomes  
a fjörd, a black beach,  
rock spines thickened  
or thinned by ocean.  
Songs she rubs,   
cliff-rims: gray-green   
rounds pressed  
leaf-shaped to   
wet street, asphalt   
rain, sour hummed   
reach of her   
metal chambered  
When is a voice  
a piano,   
hunched back  
gilded tendons,   
sinews, strings woven  
by what can't tie.  
So many circles make a song.  
Transitions cut  
audiences, red flesh  
chapped pink  
tack her   
ticked tongue to  
lip, licked red   
clapboards under sun,  
under lamplit swings  
yellow fielded.  
Repetition needs  
a heresy, a new  
design to keep  
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