Issue 5: Independent vs. Representative Voice
A Publication of the USF MFA in Writing Program


Amanda Lynch


Windy, 2007, ceramic and oil paint, 22.5"h x 22.5"w x 2"d





A Girl and an Ax, 2006, ceramic, 10.75"h x 8"w x .5"d



Home, 2006, ceramic and oil, 22"h x 23.5"wx 2"d



These Are Not Cheerleaders, 2006, ceramic and oils, 17"h x 16"w x .5"d




Stuck, 2005; terracotta with terra sigilata, and underglaze (multiple firings); 9"h x 10"w x .5"d




Killing Time, 2004; talc body, glaze and underglaze (multiple firings); 15"h x 11.5"x 1"d


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